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2005-04-16 - 12:53 a.m.

Random Entry

I looked up into the sky there were very few clouds in the air no chance of bad weather today that was good thing the alerts didn’t last too long if they were just exercises on nice days the brass like to get a few holes of golf. Such a bunch of crap this all was playing at war instead of preparing for it and I’m not sure what made my stomach churn more the thought of war or that those that would be running them didn’t really take their chosen profession seriously. I tried to put the irony out of my head and focus in on the task at hand and continued walking toward the weapons pad outside the base armory. All around me people were running back and forth some with weapons already some without weapons all in all it looked like a cluster fuck no one was taking charge of anything. I climbed the steps up to the weapons pad adjusted my hat and pulled the rucksack on to both shoulders. If they had sent someone to fetch me you could bet your ass some Captain was standing around waiting for me on the pad. If it was a higher ranking officer waiting for me it would have been the Captain who was sent to fetch me and not that suckass Sgt. Reed.

As I reached the top step I could see the officer standing off to the side out of the way and he had a look like he had been waiting too long. As I got closer I saw the twin bars that signified that he was a Captain. I walked over to him and reported “Sgt Snow reporting as ordered. Sir” “Where is Reed Sgt?” “Back in the Barracks with the base police Sir.” “Why?” “I shot a door with his weapon Sir” “You did what?” He turned to face me and the look was one of this had better be a good story or I’ll haul your ass off. “I had to shoot my barracks room door open because it was wedged shut and my key wouldn’t unlock the door so I borrowed Sgt. Reeds side arm and opened the door” “Did you shoot anyone?” “Negative Sir, just a tennis shoe.” He gave me a puzzled look and then shook his head.

“We’ll have to discuss that matter later right now we have to get you to a secure location and discuss some things. Follow me Sgt.” “Yes Sir” Well I might be off the hook on the door incident but I’m sure there was a file somewhere that all these little annoying things I did were stored in case I really screwed the pooch on something then they would all come out when it was in there best interest to disavow my actions as a loose cannon but as long as I was useful the little things got swept under the rug. I followed the Captain down the hall past the armory to a door I had never seen open before. The captain stopped in front of the door and entered a 6 digit number into the key pad. I saw it as 745893 despite his efforts to conceal it from me. The key pad changed from read to green and began to flash. He opened the door and motioned for me to go through the door first. The room inside was a smaller armory approximately 12 foot by 12 foot with no windows and two walls were lined with weapons racks. The captain walked over and unlocked a .50 caliber rifle and set it on the table in the center of the room. Without looking back he asked, “Are you qualified on the weapon Sgt.” “Yes sir I have all my qualification cards in my rucksack.” “Remove them Sgt. and set them on the table.” I knelt on the floor swung the pack off my shoulders reached into one of the side pockets and removed a stack of about 20 cards and laid them on the table. The Captain turned saw the stack paused then said, “Is there anything you aren’t qualified on Sgt?” “The new belt fed grenade machine gun.” He made some grumbling noise which I wasn’t sure what that meant. Then he turned and placed a box of paint rounds on the table. “We need you to simulate gaining access to the base and then simulate as many KIA’s as possible and if you can reach any high priority targets.” “Affirmative Sir” “So other than the .50 what weapons do you want?” “Just two 9mm’s.” The Captain unlocked a cabinet and removed two 9mm’s grabbed a few magazines which were loaded with the same paint ammunition. The Captain motioned for me to approach the table. “The rounds here are paint filled glass round your range will not be as far as normal with the .50 as you are used to but we are limited to the base for this exercise. You’ll be dropped at 1 klick from the base. You are to maintain radio contact with me and your call sign will be x-ray one.” “Affirmative Sir.” Well at least this time it wasn’t snowman, god I hated it when they made it snow man. After loading the gear up and outing the weapons with all the non-lethal ammo the Captain motioned to the door we left the room and I could hear the magnetic locks click into place when the door sealed. Trang was standing in the hall near about 20 feet from the door he was in his combat gear and armed with an M-16. He saw me and I saw his eyes widen when he saw the .50 on my shoulder than he saw that I was standing with the Captain and then looked down to the floor. We walked past him and outside to the weapons pad. Zimmerman was standing with Sgt. Reed. When the Captain emerged from the building Sgt. Reed approached. “Captain Walker Sir, Sgt. Snow here,” pointing to me “discharged my weapon in the barracks and damaged base property. Sir.” “I’m already aware of that Sgt. Reed. We are not pursuing the matter at this time report back to you flight chief” “But Captain…” protested Reed. “But nothing Sgt. report to your Flight Chief we are in an Alert” Sgt Reed paused for a moment then walked off Zimm followed behind Sgt. Reed and he looked sideways at me as he walked past. The Captain pointed to a humvee parked up and to the right “that is our vehicle” I started walking toward the driver’s door. “Negative Sgt. you are a passenger I’ll be driving” I was really beginning to like this Captain but I also knew better than to open up to him these ate up gung-ho types like to latch onto talent and then use them as scapegoats in case anything went wrong in their struggle to make Major. My little door shooting was just one thing in his file now of I can own Sgt. Snow now if I need too I have pressure to use.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow and play nice in the neighborhood and keep on reading who knows I might actually say something interesting.


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