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2020-10-23 - 9:39 p.m.

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I voted early yesterday, and it did not take very, long. They did not have a sticker, which sort of bummed me out but that is not why I was there; to get a sticker take a picture to post on FG, insta, or Snapchat. I was there to cast a ballot for the people and ideas I think are most like my own values and beliefs. I have voted in person most of the time, but I have also voted by mail / absentee while I was in the US Air Force.

Way back when I was in basic training, before I left, my mother’s father, took me down to the local registrar office so I could receive my absentee ballot while I was in basic training. This was weeks, maybe even few months before I ever left for basic training. I promptly forgot that I had done this, just as any 19-year-old is likely to have done.

Later, about this same time of year, I was in basic training. We, the basic training flight, were gathered for mail call and a general daily briefing from the drill instructor. At the beginning of this briefing / mail call the Sergeant was holding an official looking envelope and started giving a talk about duty, values, and citizenship. The talk was about personal responsibility, and to protect the rights of the people and the protect our own voices in government by voting.

During the talk, the Sergeant grew very, disappointed in our training class as this was the first and would be the only absentee ballot that came to our training class. There were 52 people in that training class and the ballot in the DI’s hands was the only one that came in that year. My name was called, I was given the envelope, and I was told to go into the DI’s office and vote, while the rest of the training class remained in mail call and the daily briefing. The Sergeant had the very same resolute look on his face that my grandfather had when he insisted that I get my absentee ballot.

I have always been mixed in my feelings about that day. I was glad I was voting but I was also upset with myself for getting the people in my training flight a dressing down. Especially since it was not even my own idea to get the ballot sent.

However, that day has stuck with me. Two men, one family by blood, the other family by service instilled a sense of responsibility and the importance of voting. The rights we have are talked about in schools, with families and with friends but often it is not talked about in resolute terms. It should be and more should be done so that every citizen can vote and have their voices heard.

I do not know what the rest of the people I was in basic training with, did after that or if they voted in any elections after that year or got absentee ballots after that or not. I have voted in elections every year and I hope they have as well.

Statistics show that half of people eligible to vote go to vote.

Do not sit on your rights, if you do not vote, decisions will be made regardless. Time waits for no one. Silence is consent, your vote is your voice. Be heard.
My beliefs are my own, I am not a republican nor a democrat. I am not affiliated with any other party. I vote because I have the right to do it and try to vote for the candidate that most often represents my own values. I hope that everyone else who votes does the same and I leave it at that. I am a citizen and I vote.

Please vote.

Well, that is all for now, other stuff to follow most likely

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