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2020-08-09 - 6:57 a.m.

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There is a saying that the more things change the more they remain the same. Well it is not said much anymore but trust me it is or was a saying. Which is not surprising. No one with any “power” wants you thinking for yourself anyway and they certainly do not want you doing anything that is truly in yourself interest.

As Alanis mused, ‘isn’t it ironic’, inaccurately but that is a peeve for another time, “life” has a way of leading us away from the things that will truly benefit us. Us as a collective, not as a you or I, now don’t go getting your panties in a wad over the word collective, or at least just not yet. There will be time for that later. What I mean is that society is not structured for a larger percentage of the people to have real success. In fact, it is better that we only have an appearance that we are getting ahead. When the reality is that we are just running in place and not making any progress at all. Sure, you can disagree all you like and that is fine, it will not change the reality that all of us are stuck. Just like Bob mused when singing about Billy looking up from his coffee and suddenly roared, ‘It’s a rattrap Judy, and we’ve been caught.’

People are too much like water in that we seek to find the path of least resistance. Which is good in the sense that we find ways to do things smarter but in many ways most of us end up more ignorant. Which given that we are in the information age is a feat. To be fair, there is so much information out there and most of it is garbage or at least distraction. And there is garbage specifically designed for you or to your refinement. We are caught in a labyrinth and weighted down stumbling without even knowing that there is a maze let alone that we are struggling. There is a lie about frogs staying in a pot that is slowly turned up to a boil and the frog will stay there unmoving until it is cooked. It is a lie because the frogs had been lobotomized prior to the test so they did not really know what was happening. If you thought that was a true story, then is serves well to prove the point about there being a lot of garbage information out there and it is truly, difficult to find useful or beneficial information. Most of it is just there to be a distraction, but other information is intentionally designed and distributed to mislead you and keep you uninformed or informed in such a way that is beneficial to the structure of things. That being you on the bottom and someone else on top.

However, things have gotten to a point that everything is a point of contention. Which should be a red flag but largely it is ignored. Again, to be fair a contending point of view hits differently when it starts to tear down the normalcy of our understanding of the shape of things. Our nature is to defend what gives us ‘protection’ or ‘comfort’. Putting those in quotes not because they are not real, but they are very board terms which are adaptive to facets of life and to each person. Next time you feel that twinge really ask, why does this bother me, and try to see the opposing point. We do not do this enough.

Look around, most of what you will find is division, divisiveness, derision and deceit. Some of it is just life being different however a larger part of is purposeful. Designed to keep all of us sectioned off into our own little parts of the maze and making sure, that most of us spend our lives wandering without knowing we are lost or weighted down.

The truly, ironic thing is that we can walk away from all of it at any point, but just like those lobotomized frogs in a pot that is slowing killing us, we chose to stay in the cycle. It is easy to be weighted down and find yourself just sitting there because it is the path of least resistance. Most of us don’t even think to ask, is it getting hot in here? It is.

Well, that’s all for now, other stuff to follow most likely
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