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2018-01-25 - 8:52 p.m.

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Once we enter adulthood there is little to no joy in the world and even less to look forward too except for the coffee, beer/spirits, and death’s sweet embrace. If you don’t drink coffee or alcohol, then life is just a series of misfortunes strung together in some mishmash of chaos.
However, I have a solution and it is an in life real world experience / reward system and probably good for the economy way to overcome those doldrums.
Beer Scouts.
Yes, that is right Beer Scouts. It is much like my photo journalistic postings of the last year or so and inspired by the untapped app.
On the untapped app you can earn little cyber badges for the variety and types of beer you register that you have sampled. Don’t get me wrong it is great, but it isn’t get out of bed point your finger in the air and yell at the world GREAT, but it is something
Imagine though if you could get real patches to put on a real sash just like a boy/girl scouts.
Serious this is an untapped industry. This is not foodie Instagram porn, or hipster snobbery
This is love of grains, the toil and fruits of the working class elevated to a dignity it has long strived to find.
I like beer, and if you have read this far you like beer or are just so incredibly bored you need this… I need this… the world needs this.
This would employ creative people, brewers to step up the variety game a bit, patch makers, sash makers, it might even improve the language and debate skills of ye olde local ne’er-do-wells
This could make going out for a few cold ones more than just a waste of time and money it would have purpose and a sense of community pride.
A charter and oath are in the works and who knows maybe I can get some patches and sashes at some point too.
Cheers, mates
Well, that’s all for now, other stuff to follow most likely
Happy Birthday if it is your birthday and a very merry un birthday if it is not your birthday
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