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2017-12-03 - 12:05 p.m.

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I’m not sure why everyone wants to hate on the DC Comic universe so much. Are they great movies, not great but they are good, and they are entertaining. So be happy that you have a movie to go see. Some of the critical reviews are focused on this isn’t the movie that could have been made or it was the wrong script. To that I say, why are you not writing a better script or making a better movie. Oh, that’s right because you are not a film maker or a script writer, you are a blogger with a keyboard taking a verbal dump on what you can’t do yourself. The other thing that tends to surface in the onslaught of hate on the DC Comic Universe is that they are messing with the core elements of the characters.
Batman is taking a mighty hit in these bloodbaths of reviews. Hell, Affleck hadn’t even taken any photos for the role before the hate came his way. The first frame shot of any Ben Affleck Batman was to a tune of Affleck is shit for Batman. No, it isn’t the Christian Bale Batman, it isn’t the Adam West or Keaton Batman either. It is a version of Batman which is gritty, and beaten but also staying in the fight. I like that Batman has let his demons beat him up and drinks a little too much and lets his emotions ride him a bit. I like the Superman is a little more human and tied to his emotions. And had to kill Zod for the greater good but agonized over it and cares more about a few people than he does for all of human kind.
The struggles for all the major characters is a bit dark. Could the script be better, sure. Could they make better choices here or there yes I’m sure they could. Should Jesse Eisenburg be flushed as Lex Luthor probably or at least make him less whiney.
I think DC’s biggest problem is that they don’t have a map of where the movies are going. They aren’t teasing out where the story is heading next. There doesn’t seem to be any real looming threat that they will have to face. At least at the end of Justice League DC finally decided to put in an end clip. Which does sort of say oh hey this is coming but it isn’t much of anything that makes you say OMG I can’t wait but is more of an oh I wonder what they will do with this, but I can wait.
Marvel Studios is doing it differently than DC and they are winning. DC has introduced a lot of characters with the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Suicide Squad movies but hasn’t really tied the characters together they way that Marvel has in their films. You don’t get the feel in the DC movies that these characters exit in the same world. It isn’t in the background and supporting dialogue the way it is woven into the Marvel films. There are scenes that show there is a connection, but they are passing and don’t give that sense of the world knows who these heroes are or care what they mean to the world except for the Superman. But even that isn’t really all that deep.
I still like these movies and think that Henry is a solid Superman, Ben is a solid Batman, and Gal is a wonderful Wonder Woman. They rest of the DC casting is solid as well, yes even Jared as the Joker.
Just relax when you see these movies, they aren’t being made to win Oscars they are being made to entertain us and tell a story. All in all, it is a decent story it might not be the one you want but it is the one they gave us and I for one enjoyed myself. Hey but what do I know I’m just a guy who watches movies and drinks beer.
Well, that’s all for now, other stuff to follow most likely
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