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Following along with the news today …
A familiar chorus of the same meaningless phrases, worn and tired words spilled out everywhere. Words which allow us all to have some comfort in the lies we tell ourselves. You know the ones, like we are good people, and we really do care about our fellow man.
Thoughts and prayers…
Heroic people in (insert public servant job) …
Senseless tragedy …
Can’t understand how this can happen…
Et al, ad nauseum …
I am honestly hard pressed to pick which is worse; the horrific act of the gunman in yet another in an increasing series of unspeakable acts or the lies we tell ourselves after each new horror which is all too soon forgotten and replaced with the next trivial thing to be pissed off about.
We are stuck in this demented and psychotic mind set of, “us versus them thinking” and that every issue is some dichotomy of ideas.
Everything is either this way or that way and if you aren’t the winner well then you are the loser.
One mistake and you are finished there is no forgiving our transgressions. Despite the phrase so many like to mutter on their holy day, “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”.
How does anyone say it with a straight face? How can anyone honestly say they are living a moral life when most everything we do and say is a lie. So much hypocrisy.
The question which just simply baffles me is; How do these things keep happening?
We allow them to happen, that is how.
We do nothing every time something like this happens and we expect that things will get better. Someone else will do something to change things. Then the hate comes back bubbling in this issue or that one and seething up little by little then there is the next event. More sadness and mutterings about something should be done.
Then the bickering we can’t fix the problem now because if we do it while party X is in power then party Y will never get elected again and vice versa.
The babbling non- sense that fills the airwaves, internet and printed word all pandering to their side about how bad the other side is at this or that. How bad the plans that the other side make are for this group or that issue. No one in power really wants things to get better because there is no money in it.
What the fuck people make your public officials be something more than a rubber stamp for special interest groups and lobbyist.
If we bicker and fight and never do anything to really solve problems these things will continue to happen.
People will die in the streets, be set on fire on back roads in Mississippi, drug behind pickup trucks in Texas, be left for dead tied to a barbed wire fence in Wyoming, have their eyes torn out and then stabbed, or be gunned down in a movie theater, kindergarten class, open air concert…. When will we finally say …

And truly work together.
Sadly, I don’t think it will be tomorrow or the next day. Our current leadership represents the very worst of our society all parties not just one, not just at the federal level but all levels. Our media feeds on the hate because it makes them money.
Ask yourself, have you had enough of nothing being done.
Now ask yourself what have you done to make your street or block just a little better, your schools, your neighborhood, or your town. You don’t even have to get bigger than that. If one person in five hundred of us did something it would make an unbelievable difference.
Imagine if 20 percent of us really tried to make a change … what a wonder it would be. Any more than that we would not even recognize our own country anymore it would be that amazing.
I have no faith that anyone will do anything because it is too easy to just turn off the noise and forget that tragic stuff and then lie to ourselves the next time it happens
Maybe someday we will really be tired of all it… maybe.

Well, that’s all for now, other stuff to follow most likely
Happy Birthday if it’s your birthday and a very merry un birthday if it isn’t your birthday
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