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2017-07-22 - 3:08 p.m.

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There are a lot of things I would like to be, proverbially when I grow up, however I never really knew I wanted to be them until recently. There are many reasons for that some I can put my finger on and other’s that are more uncertain.

The list is far too long to put down and this issue of invisible don would only be a list of things I want to be, there may be something to be learned there as well. Perhaps another time. Onward.

The title should lead you to where this rambling verbal path is going but if it has not, I would like to be a tester of things and then talk(write) about my experience with said thing, in other words a critic.

This would be the ultimate job. Hell, I would even go to the producers in my own house on wheels. I don’t currently have a house on wheels but in theory if this were my job, I would have my very own traveling yurt.

The problem is that everyone seems to be a critic these days and the art of the critic seems to be lost. Mostly people think of being a critic this is spouting on and on about what I did not like about this or that and the open forum of the internet has produced a tsunami of bad vibes and ugly words for everything. There are trolls enough for every bridge no matter how small.

The art of being the critic is not just to say oh this sucked and here is why. It is to explain how a product, did or did not meet it’s intended purpose.

A film has a purpose to tell a story and to entertain. For example, the film “Star Wars The Force Awakens”, it is certainly entertaining and it tells a story, unfortunately it tells a story we already know. I’m not going to fully review the film here in this issue. The job of the critic is to offer commentary concerning facts about that the film, such as it borrows heavily from episodes four and six for the story and plot lines and how this does or does not impacts the overall entertainment value of the film. The argument can be made that purely from an entertainment standpoint that it is a good film especially for the genre or Fantasy Action Adventure; there is a lot of action and likable / unlikeable characters. But as a film in an ongoing series of stories it does falter in establishing/explaining the world the characters are in, moving the series forward and leaves more questions than answers. The more questions thing can be and is really a good thing in that it paves the way for the next film in the series. Ultimately it is not a horrible film but it is one that is not a great film either, but it does entertain and is a must see if you are going to continue watching the series because it does establish new characters and story arcs.

Being the critic means balancing the good and the bad and coming up with a useful analysis of the product to inform the next consumer if they want to invest their money / time with the product.

The “This thing sucks and I am unhappy” critical review is all that seems to be out there. Which is less than helpful, because for all I know you are always unhappy and your idea of a good dinner and movie combo is Micky D’s drive through and the director’s cut of “Joe Dirt”.

Having useful critical reviews is necessary, especially when you do not have unlimited funds for whatever budget area you are spending your time and money be it housewares, food, or entertainment. If you are going to be a critic about something put some effort in to it. If you are not going to put in the effort go be unhappy elsewhere and stop using up the bandwidth.

My adventure as a beer reviewer or critic has really meet this dream job desire thing on some small level but as you may have noticed I have not really been reviewing any lately. I hope to change that soon many things have stood in the way of that but fear not they will be returning.

I do not have the time funding to be much of a critic of other things but in the interest of reaching for my dreams and to some degree informing the readership I will review things as I can in a somewhat regular or irregular part of the reemerging of the invisible don writing series. Sponsorships are welcome and encouraged. So, if you would like to fund Invisible Don get in touch with me at the PO Box listed below and I will review your product or just send a post card from your patch of the mudball.

Well, that’s all for now, other stuff to follow most likely

Happy Birthday if it is your birthday and a very merry un birthday if it is not your birthday

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Have a great day and play nice in the neighborhood.


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