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2009-07-30 - 9:39 p.m.

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Itís once upon a time, time. Iím not sure Iíve ever written about this in my years of blogging. How I ended up in the military.

I wasnít what anyone would ever say was destined to be in the military. I like my hair long. I personally think I look better that way but that may not be true and Iím not one who thinks that shooting other people and dropping explosives on them is the best way to solve problems. It does however eliminate a lot of the people who disagree with you Ö well at first. It does tend to create some others who donít like youÖ which involves more bombs and Ö well not the point. However you can see by the way that thought process goes that my mind and body in the military isnít really what one would call a good match.

Iím doing my peace-nik things, listening to my punk rock music, and not thinking that being a solider is a really good thing. I even got a really threatening letter because I was refusing to register for the selective service. Yup yup. One kid even went to jail. I was really close too I think.

My grandfather, career navy intercepted a letter which stated that I would be prosecuted if I didnít register. I was ready, at least in my mind to be that guy who went to jail for the cause that saying having a draft is a bad thing. Well he forced me to go to the post office and fill out the papers. He had brought them home a few times and I would throw them away. Well this time, I didnít have that choice and I signed them as a conscientious objector figuring that at least this way I was saying you know Iím doing this against but it is against my will and my beliefs.

Well less than a year later. Iím sitting in my Fraternityís house watching MTV and not drinking. Iím not sure why Iím not drinking but I wasnít. I wasnít going to class either. I hadnít been going to a lot of classes and was failing all of them except for Art appreciation. I was doing so poorly at the mid term the school decided to put me on academic probation then rather than waiting until the end of the semester. So Iím failing out of college. There are a lot of things tied to that.

I can hear the ramble in my head beginning already, What are fíing stupid. Worthless dumbass

Partly I was thinking of ways to avoid yet another way Iím just not good enough. Then while the echoes of worthless and stupid ringing in my ears Iím thinking what can I do for me that I want to do. I had nothing. Then the Army ad comes on the TV. So it hits me, hey why not. I need to be something why not be a soldier.

I got off the sofa in the fraternity house and walked about 3 miles to the recruiting station. I said I didnít have anything. I had shoes not a car. I didnít even have an apartment at that point I had a room in a house with an old lady. I walked and thought about joining up. I needed to do something but I wasnít just going to do this and be unaware of what was going on.

Finally after getting to the recruiting station the army guy isnít there. There is however a note on the door, be back soon. So I decide to wait.

Well like blood in the water the sharks starting getting uppity.

Navy guy comes out. Have you ever thought about the Navy.

Nope, boats sink.


Ships sink too, itís not pretty.

Well we have really big ships, He is going to be awhile why not come on in and talk.


Well it comes down to the Navy doesnít really have Military Police. They have shore patrol which is a detail and then after an enlistment you can apply for Master of Arms. HmmÖ No, thanks but I think Iíll wait.

I go back on the bench and wait.

The Marine guy comes out.

Couldnít help over hear you talking with the Navy guy


Thought about the Corps?

Decidedly not.

The few the proud, come on in and talk.


This comes down while they do have MPís they donít really have any open slots for that Job but if I signed today I could be put on a list.

HmmmÖ nope Iím thinking that list isnít going to work out and I would end up as an infantry ground pounder in the corps. Not for me. Thanks and all.

I go back to the bench and wait.

The Air Force guy comes out.. You know he(points to the Army guyís door) is usually gone a long time. We have some videos you can watch.

(Fish hook) What a tricky bastard he was.

So I watch a couple of videos, basic training, security police and world wide deployment.

Then he comes out says there are spots open in security police (what the air force calls Military Police yeah they have to be different.)

So he says, have you taken the ASVAB?

Nope, didnít take it in High School because I was, am a long hair hippy freak who listens to punk music and I have piercing when most guys donít have them. Now they are common place. Then not so much and not just one, which was really not done then.

HmmÖ well youíll have to take that before we can do anything.

Huh a test.. Well Iím stupid and worthless Iím likely to fail that. Wonder why the other two guys never mentioned this ASVAB thingy

So Air Force recruiter guys says they have a test on Saturday can you be at such and such a place.

Where is it?

Tells me.

How far is that?

20 miles or so.

Ah that would be no, shoe leather express is my primary and secondary mode of transportation.

We can pick you up.

Huh, really

Sure, weíll even buy lunch after.

Man he was good.

Ok where do I sign.

No where just give me your address and weíll see you on Saturday I have a few other guys and a gal taking the test then.

Ok then see you on Saturday.

Saturday comes, I take the test. I get a message to call the devils right hand man. (recruiter)

You passed. Really well too, you sure you want to be a cop? Because your scores are excellent you can do what ever you want.

Wow Iím not worthless or stupid. Yeah Iím sure I want to be a cop...Ok, well maybe stupid.

Well come on back to the office and weíll work on the details.

So I walk again.

Get there and we talk I still didnít sign but he was holding a place for me and I could still back out pending my physical at the MEPS station in Pittsburg. So I do all that and then sign up finish school very badly, but I knew I wouldnít be going back to college in the Fall. I would be going to Texas and at the time I thought this was a good thing.

Which all and all Iím glad I joined and did my enlistment. I even understand the need for a military, I think we need to be more prudent about how we utilize our military but that is a different thing. This was about how I got there in the first place.

Now if I had studied and been a good student. I wouldnít have done that part of my life.

Have a great day and play nice in the neighborhood.


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