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2009-07-26 - 2:31 p.m.

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Iíve been debating about pulling out the ye olde soapbox and ranting about a few things, however Iíll keep it put away for today and rant later.

Stunt boy and I went to see HP6 yesterday I waited to go see it because he was with his mother when it came out and then was at camp for the week. So yesterday was really the first opportunity we had to see it together. So we did.

I enjoyed the movie and if you havenít seen it or read the books by this time then spoilers shouldnít matter. However, if you havenít seen or read then be warned, reading further youíll find out things you didnít know yet.

The movie did depart from the book from the very beginning, however I think that rather than have some dialogue driven scene and the need to introduce two new characters it was just better to cut the book material and rewrite a scene that accomplishes the same result. The human world and magic worlds are beginning to collide with bad results. The opening scene did accomplish that very objective. Now unless you are reading the wanted posters in the film and know the books the werewolf is not introduced and the havoc he wrecks upon both worlds is largely ignored. And who was over seeing the thing and missed that he is never introduced formally in the movie or even mentioned by the other characters. Just a bad guy run amok in the movie.

Then there is the departing from the actual physical characteristics is fine as long as the basic essences of the character is captured . Which I think in all 6 movies they have done wonderfully for all the characters and in replacing Dumbledore after the death of Richard Harris. Personally I think Ian McKellen would have been the logical choice but he had already done Gandolf and I think that may have persuaded all parties not to pick him including Sir Ian.

So little looks and things are fine to depart from.

The whole turmoil between Ron and Harry regarding the Jenny thing is missing. Which is fine as they resolve it by the end of the book. The elude to it poorly through out but itís a non issue by book 7 so why bother. It does establish Harry has to be alone a lot in the story so itís need but the exclude Ron by use of the Slug Club, so mission accomplished.

Dumbledoreís death scene was a bit anti-climatic but that may have been because I read the book and knew Draco wouldnít do it and Snape kills him. Yes Dumbledore dies. Sorry I warned you not to read if you didnít want to know stuff. However I donít think Iíve surprised anyone.

I know purists will argue that there was just too much of the book lost in the translation to film. I have to disagree. The main points were accomplished

Dumbledore is dead
Snape killed him.
Snape is the half blood prince.
Ron and Hermione are in love but only she knows it.
Harry loves Ginny and everyone knows it.
Luna Lovegood is the coolest character in the story after Harry of course.
The Order of the Phoenix is pretty much ineffective in book 6.
Draco and his family are really just opportunists and donĎt want to do the dirty work. .
Bellatrix is really crazy and evil.
Horcruxes exists and need to be destroyed.
Evil is winning for now but the really good guys arenít going to just lay down and take it.

Yeah all that was accomplished. Bring on number 7

All in all, I donít think it was the best of the 6 but it does fit with the others and Iím looking forward to the two book 7 movies. So HP 6 on the invisible don 0 to 5 movie rating scale is a 4

However, GI Joe is the next film stunt boy and I are wanting to see because it looks awesome and then after that Where the Wild Things Are in October. The trailer for this film looks fantastic.

Have a great day and play nice in the neighborhood.


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