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2017-12-04 - 9:39 p.m.

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Perhaps I spend too much time thinking, perhaps I don’t spend enough time thinking, I’m not sure. The thing is I see that as human being we could literally be so much further along if we would just work together and stop drawing lines to separate us from one another. Our differences are wonderful, and I am in awe every time I learn something new about people and culture and another way of seeing the world.

It is baffling to me that not everyone sees new things are a chance for discovery. Thinking back on times I have been shunning toward something or someone it has been because I was told to be fearful or untrusting of this thing or that person or group of people. Certainly, there are times we should be wary of others but perhaps they too are cautious and untrusting of us because someone else has told them to be frightened of you.

Why, do we shut out those things which are different and strange? Not everyone reacts like that, but many do. Most of the times I have tried something new or put myself out there to experience a new thing it has been a blessing and not a curse.

Somehow along the line we stifle that sense of wonderment that children have for the world. Sometimes it is because sticking your fingers in a light socket is a bad idea other times we do more harm to them by closing off a part of the world.

Every time we draw a line that separates us from another person or group of people we increase our risk of being hurt. Every bond we build makes us stronger as people. Somewhere I was taught that every person has a lesson to teach us, something we can learn from them that will make us a better person. I have taken the time in my life to speak with many people from all walks of life. I certainly wish I could say it was more often because, everyone has offered me something. I hope I have given back something in return.

We, all of us, myself included everyday make choices to draw lines or at least darken the lines which already separate us rather than erasing them. To often we ask why rather than why not. More often then not it is because it costs us something we aren’t ready to give. Time, money, trust, or any number of different things. However, what we fail to see is keeping those lines costs us so much more.

Perhaps one day we will make strides together and what an amazing world that will be. It won’t happen overnight but if we all just did something small everyday that helped someone, that you didn’t get anything or expect anything, it would spread good will. Sweep a walk, say hi to a new person, donate to a cause you disagree with personally, try to be a friend to someone new, don’t say that mean thing you were thinking, or send that nasty email.

Put something positive into the world, everyday that you don’t normally do. Do it for a week, if you feel better do it for two, then a month or two, and try new stuff all the time. Who knows you might even inspire change in other people.

Well, that’s all for now, other stuff to follow most likely

Happy Birthday if it is your birthday and a very merry un birthday if it is not your birthday

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