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2018-02-18 - 10:11 a.m.

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Seeing beyond our own circle, our own struggle, our own circumstances takes effort. Effort most of us are not willing to give, because even when you make the effort to see beyond our own day in and day out, it does not last because our default is what about me, what about mine. That does not make any of us bad, unmindful, selfish or cruel. It does make us human though. The effort to see is hard and that is only one thing, you have, to hear the real problems and do the right thing to fix the problems. We look but not for very long and then our own issues need tending.

Even well-meaning people only see there is a problem, and mostly we assume because we don’t have that, fill in the blank, problem we think we know how to fix that problem. Our most common answers are to throw money at the problem or to blame the person with the problem for their condition. Now we can look away again, or into our own circumstances with some satisfaction that we care, or it is not our problem.

We don’t even look at our own problems how we should, we shift blame or site this set of circumstances or bad luck as the cause but never own our actions. We bemoan It’s not fair. This is true even god will tell you, it is not fair that is the default for life.

The world does not care if you live or die from the poorest of the poor to the wealthiest of the wealthy. The world will shrug off your passing like the dust on the wind. For any of us to have any amount of success we have, to work together. If we all were just out for ourselves there would be anarchy and chaos. History is filled to the choking point with the stories of those who are able, taking what they want from those who can not defend themselves. Most of us end up on the losing end of that scenario. No matter how bad ass you think you are.

Many of the solutions we put in place to off set the things we see, don’t address the problems because we don’t listen. We think we know better because it isn’t our problem. When the solution fails we can blame those who have the problem for it and move on satisfied in the idea that we have done something.

Hunger and Famine in parts of the world most of us will never go, we can see the problems because some person went and filmed it, overlaid sad music and then told you for just a few cents a day you can make this person’s life better not just that one person their whole family. Buy this pair of shoes and we will send some shoeless kiddo a pair for free. Back to your regularly scheduled drama, guilt free because we “did” something about it. We know we haven’t done anything meaningful, but we can fool ourselves into thinking because we have done something effortless the problem is solved. Out of sight out of mind.

It isn’t our fault that there is hunger or famine in the world. There are many reasons why that happens. It isn’t our fault any number of things happen in the world. Life isn’t fair. Even if we try to make it fairer, Life is still not fair. Little children will die, faithful spouses will be cheated on, one person will take advantage of another and the litany of sins cascades like a river swollen after a storm. We are human, and life isn’t fair.

Just because life is not fair and we are not without transgressions does not mean we should not try, to not only see but to hear and to do something more than just throw money or blame all the ills of the world on those who live in them. We can do so much more than we do if we only dare enough to dream it and then commit to making it happen.

John F. Kennedy said, “I believe we possess all the resources and talents necessary. But the facts of the matter are that we have never made the national decisions or marshaled the national resources required for such leadership. We have never specified long-range goals on an urgent time schedule or managed our resources and our time so as to insure their fulfillment. “These words were spoken about the race to space and the moon.

These same words can be set to any problem we face; the opioid crisis, poverty, healthcare, education, guns, immigration, terrorism, racism, and the list can go on. The facts of the matter are that we are too much focused on our own side of the equation for me and mine not for you and yours. Our leaders focus too much on dividing us rather than bringing us together and too much on short sighted bandages rather than long term solutions.

History shows us again and again and again. Those at the top can only keep the people at the bottom fighting each other for so long before the sparks set fire to the world. The only question is do we want a violent revolution or do we want a revolution which leads us to a new height for humankind. Dare to dream we are better and then be brave enough to make it real.

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